I've known Alison since she was a young adult and I’ve worked with her on many occasions. I want to tell you about the woman I’ve come to admire.

Alison is passionate about social justice. She gives of herself, and when she works on something she is one thousand percent committed.

From transportation and the environment to the federal workforce and the booming new data farms of Northern Virginia, Alison’s mastery of issues and practical problem solving will make a real difference in the 10th District.

I’ve been so impressed with how Alison does her work. She’s a pleasant, amiable person. She’s gentle, but firm, and she has spine of steel. She’s an extraordinary person who brings people together.

Alison does the research and concentrates in a profound way to find solutions to issues.

Her work on human trafficking was complex and wide-ranging. It was not just about the sex trafficking, but also about worker trafficking. Alison had to be able to bring people together--from Mexico to India--and she was stunningly successful.

With so much division in our country, Alison’s leadership is desperately needed. She has the personality and she has the character to reach across the aisle and talk to everybody. And she has a proven record of doing it.

I think Virginia’s 10th District will be fortunate to have her fighting for them. Take a moment to learn more about how Alison has fought for working families, and join me in standing with her with a generous contribution right away.

It would mean a lot to me and to our country.

Dolores Huerta


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