Our challenge is to manage the economy so everyone in the 10th district has the opportunity to obtain and keep a good job, get the education and skills they need, and achieve the economic security we deserve.

Expanding Opportunity: We spend $670 billion in federal tax incentives each year and the majority of those benefits help the wealthy build wealth and do little to expand opportunities for working families to create wealth through home ownership, starting a business or training for a career.  We can fix this.  It’s not just the right thing to do.  It’s the smart thing to do in the new economy.

Living Wage: We encourage productivity and growth when hard work pays.

Equal Pay for Equal Work and a Truly Inclusive Economy: Women in the 10th district make $.61 for every $1 men make—that’s the worst in Virginia, bad for our families and bad for our economy.  Women and people of color are also increasingly owners of business startups; supporting them helps us all.  Childcare, family planning, paid family and medical leave, and our physical safety are economic and infrastructure issues.

Tax Reform: We can grow our economy by adopting competitive tax rates and providing incentives based on the highest likely return instead of the most influential lobbyist.

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