Virginia 10 is one of the most educated districts in the country, and it’s no coincidence it is also one of the most prosperous.  Maintaining our edge requires maintaining our commitment to local schools where everyone receives the education they need.

Skills the Market Demands:  We need to be nimble in adapting our training programs for changing workforce needs, particularly for those who don’t pursue a 4-year college education.  This includes strong support for community colleges.

Supporting Teachers:  Their hard work is the backbone of education, and I will support them.

Rejecting the Privatization of Public Education.

Promoting STEM Education: This is an increasing priority as our economy demands more technical jobs and faces growing shortages.

Opening the Doors to College: A child with a college savings account is 7x more likely to go to college than a child who doesn’t have an account, even though the average balance in these accounts is less than $500.  Every child should grow up believing in the possible.

Community Voice: Parents and communities know what they need, and we need to listen to their concerns and hopes.

Students at the Center:  Decisions in education policy should always prioritize what is in the best interests of students - their aspirations, their growth, their passion, their learning, their future. 

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