I’m running for Congress because I won’t abide abuses of power.  Building on my time as a diplomat at the State Department, I’ll make sure we continue to champion freedom by fighting human trafficking at home and abroad.

Fully Funding the National Human Trafficking Hotline: Human trafficking doesn’t only happen elsewhere.  It happens here in our communities and we need to support community resources to deal with it.

Survivor-Led Interventions: We must continue to support the importance of survivor-led policy formation and implementation.  Survivors of these crimes know best how they happen and how to stop them.  They must be included, respected, and followed.

Commercial Sex Prohibitions: All U.S. Government workers should be prohibited from purchasing commercial sex as a condition of employment.

Innovations in Federal Government Contracting: The U.S. Government is the largest supply chain in the world.  If we buy and contract responsibly, we shift global norms away from human trafficking and towards dignity.

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