The following note is from Khizr Khan, who inspired us all at the 2016 Democratic Convention.

Dear Friends,

I stepped into the national spotlight as a parent first. A parent who raised my children with a profound love of country, the constitution, and service.

In my family, as in yours, politics is personal. And in my family, as in so many others, that truth became ever more apparent this year. Our representatives are our constitutional stewards. They are the promise-keepers in ensuring that no matter the color, creed, class or condition, justice favors all equally. At their best, they shepherd opportunity and model humanity.

As a proud Virginian patriot, I ask you to join me in supporting Alison Kiehl Friedman for Virginia’s 10th District because she is the type of leader we need now.

Alison has spent her career serving people who are often ignored or left out. She’s worked to protect voting rights and combat human trafficking. She’s reformed government procurement practices and earned the trust of major businesses as they worked together to protect and advance their workers. As a senior official in President Obama’s State Department, she understood that national security is best served by strict adherence to our constitutional guarantees. And as a mother, Alison was inspired to run because her eight-year-old daughter wrote a note to President Trump asking him to “remember everyone matters and not build a wall in the world,” and then worried that he might find out she wrote it and come after her.

Barbara Comstock may show up at community events, but her statements about tracking immigrants like FedEx packages make clear that she is no friend to our community. In this urgent time, I urge you to support a candidate that really shows up in word and in deed for all of us.

Please join me in supporting Alison Kiehl Friedman for Congress.

Khizr Khan

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