A letter from Alison

This is a letter I never thought I’d write.  I’m used to making the case for others. It’s where I’m most comfortable.  And yet, today I am writing to make the case for myself. To explain why, with a number of options, you should vote for me. 

In short, it is because I am best at making the case for others.

When problems seem intractable; when interests are powerful and at odds with our values; when bullies are gaining ground, that’s where I’ve done my best work — writing landmark legislation that became a global standard, standing up for women whose rights were violated, defeating conservative judges.  In each of these instances — the solutions we found were creative, collaborative, principled, and lasting.

That’s what I want to bring to Congress.

A plan—and federal funding—for Vinicius, who can’t afford the $2800 dollars in tolls, can’t reasonably access the metro, and as a result can’t start his commute after 4:45 am.

A champion, who will honor the promises that Barbara Comstock didn’t, and protect Marta and her daughter Caroline’s healthcare.

A mom who knows what it’s like to get the lockdown messages, issued just this week in Manassas, and who knows kids are dying because of congressional cowardice.

Families are being separated.  Our President is asserting that he is above the law.  Federal Workers are watching experience, expertise, facts, and agency mission get written off as irrelevant every day.  We’re flirting with nuclear war and failing to invest in our infrastructure and healthcare and education systems, further leveraging a future under attack by this tax bill.  America is going back on its word—to the world and our immigrant neighbors, friends, colleagues, and families. 96 people die from gun violence every day.

And Congress is absent.

I’m running because you can count on me.  To show up at town halls and in the policy nitty gritty.  To honor my responsibility for oversight and accountability, but also progress.

But I can only get there if I can count on your vote on June 12th. 

I hope you will vote for me and bring a friend, and I will vote for you and bring meaningful representation back to Virginia’s 10th.

With gratitude,




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