The world is too complex--and America’s role too critical--to govern by tweet and tantrum.  In my years at the State Department—so much was in constant flux—and yet the standing of America, and our unique ability to positively influence allies and adversaries alike endured.  That fundamental role—enabled by the critical work of so many in Virginia’s 10th District—made us—and the world—safer. America has lost its standing in the world and the President has proven himself incapable of the attention, discipline, and thoughtfulness necessary to lead in these precarious times.  Our national security is best served by listening to experts, honoring our commitments, and carefully considering the ramifications of U.S. foreign policy. 

Adequately Staffing and Supporting Key Foreign Policy Positions:  We can ensure a fully staffed State Department and re-commit to honoring the integrity of the intelligence community by implementing meaningful prohibitions on political meddling.  The only agenda in our intelligence products should be keeping people safe, not scoring political points.

Honoring our Commitments to Our Allies; Holding Interfering Nations Accountable: As sure as we must keep our promises that help to keep the peace, we have to ensure that our elections and borders, redlines and fundamental values are well-protected.

Speaking with One, Considered Voice: North Korea, the Paris Agreement, and military personnel decisions are too complex to govern by fits of ego.  Americans deserve better.

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