Alison Friedman, Top Democratic Challenger to Comstock in VA-10 Releases Second TV Ad


In Second TV Ad, Alison Friedman Highlights Her History Of Taking On Big Challenges And Delivering Real Results

McLean, VA— Today, Alison Friedman released the second television ad of her campaign, “Results.” The ad focuses on Alison’s record of getting big things done, from fighting to protect women’s privacy and healthcare to passing landmark anti-trafficking legislation that became an international model. She joined the Obama Administration, where she led efforts to reform federal procurement processes, resulting in an Executive Order soon codified into law on a bipartisan basis.

“Voters are looking for a champion, not a politician who just checks boxes,” campaign spokeswoman Wellesley Daniels said. “Alison’s bold, problem-solving approach resonates with voters who understand the gravity of the situation we face in Congress and in the White House.”

The ad will begin airing Wednesday throughout the region, in conjunction with her Lockdown ad, in which Alison vows to stand up to the NRA and make schools safer.


Alison co-founded a nonprofit addressing issues of human trafficking in global supply chains. There, she worked with business leaders and legislators to author a Transparency in Supply Chains law, signed by a Republican Governor, that has been widely credited with helping to transform standards around corporate responsibility.

She was then recruited by the Obama State Department, where she helped lead an interagency effort to reform federal procurement practices that resulted in President Obama’s executive order to strengthen protections against trafficking in persons in federal contracts.

At People For the American Way, Alison stood up for a patient whose privacy was violated. Working together with the patient, Alison helped prevent the right-wing judge in the case from being confirmed to a federal bench.

Earlier in her career, Alison also worked to protect voting rights, especially for seniors and minority voters who are often targeted by voter suppression efforts.

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Full ad transcript:

I’m Alison Friedman and I’m not your typical politician. But these aren’t typical times and we need leaders that can take on big challenges, follow through, and get real results. I’ve fought to protect women’s privacy and healthcare. And working for President Obama, we developed an Executive Order that banned our government from buying slave-tainted goods. I approved this message because the stakes are high. There are big challenges, and we’ll never see the change we need with the same old approach.

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