Friedman Statement in Response to Texas School Shooting


School Shooting in Santa Fe, Texas Marks 38th This Year

Alison Friedman released the following statement in response to today's school shooting at Santa Fe High School in Texas.
"This is the 38th school shooting this year.

My heart breaks for everyone who has lost a loved one to gun violence.  Over the course of this campaign, I have met teachers who compare notes on how to break protocol to keep their kids safe, a graduate of Marjory Stoneman Douglas who lives here now and can't stop from crying, and too many students who have lost the people they love to suicide.  I have sat on steps, listening to neighbors discuss the shooting the next street over. I have watched friends nod in agreement as a young woman explains how scared she is to turn around, with anti-Hindu graffiti becoming commonplace and guns readily available.

As we talk about this needless tragedy, we must also remember the daily gun violence that doesn't grab the headlines. Common sense gun reform does not apply only to mass shootings.

This shouldn’t be about politics. This should be about the essential value of a human life. This should be about family and community and protecting one another.

Congress, it’s time you start praying for our families with your votes."

In the 49 weeks since Alison announced her candidacy, there have been 83 school shootings.
There have been 38 school shootings in 2018. [Everytown For Gun Safety]

Everytown for Gun Safety research counts 83 shootings where there was an attack on other persons(s) resulting in injury or death, a gun fired but no one injured, a gun fired unintentionally resulting in injury or death, or an attempted or completed suicide, with no intent to injure another person. 

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