Top Democratic Challenger to Comstock in VA-10 Releases First TV Ad of the Campaign


In First TV Ad, Alison Friedman Vows to Stand Up to the NRA and Make Our Schools Safer

MCLEAN, VA — In the first television ad of her Democratic primary campaign to represent the 10th district of Virginia, first-time candidate Alison Friedman focuses on gun safety, vowing to fight the NRA and make schools safer by expanding background checks, closing gun show loopholes, and banning assault weapons. 

With her own daughter in public school, the ad highlights experiences far too many parents have to endure these days.

"I'm a mom and a problem solver, and I’ve spent my career standing up to abuses of power that others had written off as inevitable," Alison said. "That's what the NRA is.  That's what Congresswoman Comstock has enabled. I'm running because we're better than that."

Congresswoman Barbara Comstock “sold our kids’ safety to the NRA” at a price of $137,232. In both her 2016 and 2014 campaigns, she received an “A” rating from the NRA. They have praised her for supporting concealed carry reciprocity and opposing universal background checks. She ranks 10th among House members who have received the most in financial support from the group.

In addition to being a mom in the Virginia school system, Alison is a former senior State Department official who has spent her career tackling major issues like human trafficking and increasing voting rights — and delivering tangible results. She’s running because she believes special interests like the NRA have no place in Congress or in Virginia schools.

The ad will begin airing today.

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Full ad transcript:

Too many parents know the feeling. An email from the county, there’s a lockdown. You search for the name of your child’s school and time stops. I’m Alison Friedman and it doesn’t have to be this way. We can stand up to the NRA and make our schools safer by expanding background checks, closing gun show loopholes, and banning assault weapons. I approved this message because my opponent, Congresswoman Barbara Comstock, sold our kids’ safety to the NRA. I’m running to take it back.

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