Protecting Federal Workers’ Unions: I will oppose efforts to make the public sector “right-to-work” and will support all efforts to fight back against the recent executive orders restricting the activities of federal workers’ unions. Our public servants deserve protection and the right to collectively bargain fairly.


Fight for Rights of Federal Contractors: The government often hires contractors to avoid many of the limitations of hiring new employees. I will work to make sure that federal contractors receive the same rights and protections as federal employees wherever possible.


Ensuring Fair Wages and Benefits: We must make sure that those who serve our great nation are given adequate and appropriate pay and benefits. I will push for higher wages and increased benefits among the federal workforce so that retain the existing workforce of smart, dedicated individuals and can attract more.


Defending Student Loan Forgiveness Programs: I will fight to oppose any efforts to undermine the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program. Those who make the choice to work for our government instead of more lucrative careers in the private sector, deserve assistance to climb out of debt and begin putting their earned funds towards savings and a secure future.

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