Traffic on Route 7 and on I-66 leaves our workers and families jammed for hours each week.  While we stand still, other world economies are investing in moving people and goods efficiently.  Sound infrastructure improves day to day lives and our competitiveness.

Roads that Support Workers and Business: It’s not just about the daily commute to D.C.—it’s about expanding innovation.  We have a growing network of businesses and commerce within Fairfax, Loudoun, and Prince William counties that we can’t afford to suffocate with traffic.

Infrastructure that Keeps Pace with Growth:  The day we pump the last drop of gasoline into a car is not far off.  Driverless cars are already underway.  We must prepare for this economic transition with an infrastructure plan that’s suited to the job.

Public Transportation Options:  Metro is vital to businesses and commuters in Virginia 10.  I’ll work to give it a sustainable federal funding base.

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