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Alison Friedman is an Obama Administration diplomat who’s spent her life standing up to abuses of power and big special interests. She authored landmark legislation combating human trafficking, fought to protect voting rights and consumers through increased transparency. Alison takes on big problems and get results.

That’s why we can trust Alison Friedman to protect our health care from Republican cuts and protecting coverage of pre-existing conditions and Planned Parenthood. She’ll stand up to the big drug companies to lower prescription drug costs, and take on whomever it takes to expand health coverage and get things done for Virginia families.


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Executive Order

2018 Women's March Speech

January 20th at the Women's March on the National Mall.

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One Person

“I’ve spent my life working to increase opportunities for those often left out, ignored, or exploited.  From working for People For the American Way right out of college, to founding a non-profit to combat human trafficking, I’ve worked to create possibilities where there seemed to be none. We’ve built, collaborated, and innovated our way to meaningful results.

“This is the spirit of leadership I think the country calls out for at this time.  A woman in Sterling recently told me, “the rhetoric just gets more toxic and people are struggling.” I couldn’t agree more. I am running for Congress because the challenges facing our nation are too big to ignore, and we need leaders who want to get things done – leaders who won’t stop until they get results.

“We will not have this kind of leadership for Virginia’s 10th District unless we replace incumbent Congresswoman Barbara Comstock.  The politics of showing up for pictures but not progress, ducking constituents, and playing partisan games with our health care have failed our country– and failed thousands of Virginia families, children and seniors.  Virginians work hard, and they deserve a partner in Congress who advances fairness and accountability—rather than thwarting it.

“As I launch this campaign for Congress, I’m sharing this video to tell people more about my background and introduce you to some of the amazing people I’ve worked with along the way.  

“I’ll also kick off the campaign by traveling around the district to highlight the work of others who take on big challenges every day and make a difference for people through their hard work and dedication—in education, interfaith engagement, addiction treatment, job training and health care.  They, too, represent the spirit of new leadership our district needs.”


ALISON IN ACTION (Updated 5.24.18)


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