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Alison Friedman

I’ve spent my life working to increase opportunities for those often left out, ignored, or exploited.  I joined People For the American Way right out of college, working toward reducing class sizes, advancing voting rights, and an independent judiciary. 

I’ve worked in the national security sector, both locally and nationally on issues impacting transportation infrastructure and airport security, human rights and partnering with business to advance our common interests and values. I co-founded a nonprofit to fight human trafficking in supply chains and moved to the region  in 2009 to continue that fight as a senior State Department official guiding the Obama administration’s intensified focus to combat human trafficking at home and abroad.

I helped author a law to fight slavery in supply chains that served as an international model. My career has taken me around the world, working with international officials, religious leaders, non-profit organizations and people from across the aisle to protect children and families. I am proud that my work in the Obama Administration led to an Executive Order to strengthen protections against human trafficking throughout federal contracts. Together with the foreign service, civil service, and military, we prioritized practical solutions in service of our shared values that would help make people’s lives better.

That’s what I want to do in Congress.

Why I'm Running

In January, amid the inspiring marches and protests taking place across the country, my daughter Olivia came home from school with a note to the President about kindness.

When I went to take a picture of the letter, she asked me not to, and said, “What if he finds out that I wrote it and brings his guns to our house?”

We talked about how being an American means being able to stand up for what you believe in, even if the people in power disagree.  And how, in our family, when we see something unfair, we do something to change it.

That’s why I decided to run for Congress in Virginia’s 10th District. 

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